Business Financial Management

We perform integrated business and financial management services to our government clients using information and tools that facilitate implementation of government directives and decisions at the program office level.

Our Certified Defense Financial Management (CDFM) analysts work with annual budgets ranging in the billions with multiple appropriation types. We perform evaluations and deliver analyses; offer comprehensive process discovery, improvement, and implementation support; and assist our clients with their operational goals and objectives.

We use a disciplined management approach to cost estimating, budgeting, and execution, which are supported as a single continuous and evolving process. Our capabilities include:

  • Program Management & Execution
  • Program Management Office support
  • Efficiency, Cost Reduction & Risk Management
  • Acquisition Strategy and Execution Support
  • Cost, Performance and Schedule Objectives (Earned Value Management)
  • Financial/Budgeting Support
  • Program Planning, Budget & Execution (PPBE)
  • Budget Formulation, Justification & Execution
  • Reporting, Spend Plans, Trend Analysis
  • Risk Analysis & Compliance Support
  • Business & Financial Process Improvement

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