Core Infrastructure Modernization

Zentek (formerly Provideo Management, Inc.) successfully modernized a Civilian Agency’s Headquarters core network and security infrastructure. This modernization spanned the perimeter security to the client access layer. We provided engineering resources to design, implement, and test the new Cisco Route / Switch and Security solution that we deployed in parallel to the existing production network.

Zentek redesigned the Core, Campus, DC, Internet Edge, and DMZ Layer networks, which involved re-engineering the network using a Virtualized Multi-tenant DC (VMDC) architecture to provide a repeatable and scalable POD design and to introduce additional DC technology.

We also provided engineering services to implement Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE),  an identity and access control policy platform, which enabled our customer to enforce compliance, enhance infrastructure security and streamline their service operations at the enterprise level. The ISE environment facilitates the authentication and authorization of employees and guests accessing their wired and wireless network.


We performed the following high-level tasks over the course of this project:

  • Provide a schedule of project activity
  • Review, optimize, and assist with the high level design details for a parallel implementation
  • Create Low Level Design (LLD)
  • Create an Acceptance Test Plan (ATP)
  • Physically install equipment into specified rack locations
  • Inventory and Burn-in Equipment
  • Pre-configure equipment as specified in LLD
  • Perform final configuration and preliminary testing of the following:
    • Route Switch equipment:
      • Cisco ASR 1001s – Perimeter Routing
      • Cisco Nexus 3048s – DMZ
      • Cisco Nexus 7000s – High Speed Core
      • Cisco Nexus 9500s – DataCenter (DC) Distribution
      • Cisco Nexus 9300s -TOR DC Switches
      • Cisco 6880s
      • Cisco Nexus 4500s – Internet Edge Switches (added)
      • NX-OS Infrastructure
    • Security equipment
      • Cisco 5585 ASA Perimeter Firewalls
      • Cisco 5585 ASA DC Firewalls
  • Execute the ATP and deliver results to the customer
  • Perform Knowledge Transfer
  • Deliver Final As-Built documentation

The network infrastructure that Zentek was responsible for designing and implementing is depicted below:

Core Infrastructure

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