IA Architecture Design

Zentek (formerly Provideo Management, Inc.) supported the development of an Information Assurance (IA) architecture for a DoD Enterprise System and provided direction on Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats, to include vulnerability assessments and remediation plans for proprietary commercial software products. We also supported the implementation of policy in the areas of protecting controlled unclassified information associated with the Enterprise System.

We provided system architecture design and software certification support to include working with ERP solution developers to ensure that design specifications and code modules were in accordance with DoD directives and instructions. Zentek determined solutions to Information Assurance challenges associated with the system software development process and was responsible for obtaining the Authorization to Operate (ATO) for the system infrastructure and ERP solution.

Zentek were involved with the planning, design, documentation, and execution around the proof of concept frameworks and systems required to validate and model the requirements for the DoD Enterprise System. The proof of concept required DoD functional knowledge and the application of leading, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies to identify standard processes and controls, perform assessment of capabilities fit to COTS technologies, and validate the ability of the draft requirements to achieve stated performance capabilities objectives. We supported the development of the preliminary capabilities design which was documented in support of achieving future program acquisition milestones and managing future  program implementation. Documents included functional designs, technical designs, data exchange, data storage, interoperability, data migration, and Information Assurance requirements.

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